Hung High, Weapons Drawn (Single)

by Plagis

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With the official full release of our first album Blood and Chaos, I decided to release a single from our end of year album, The Salvation Death Brings. This is the project's new direction and follows more commonly in line with that of the original demo than that of the more up-beat melodic songs on Blood and Chaos.

The Salvation Death Brings is an effort to go more conventionally black metal, with less of the melodies and death metal elements from prior releases. It's just to show the progression of the band. I hope you enjoy the new single and the album. The second album is due to release in December 2017.


Hung High
Hung High
Hung High!


Captured now lifeless
Necks tied around a rope
Kicking the footing under you
Watching as you choke

Signal the firing squad
Put a round in the chamber
Fire on my command
Into the bodies you dismember

Throw them in the graves in which they'll die in
Twitching in a pool of blood they'll lie in
Oxygen supply's becoming thin
Defeated in this battle, you wouldn't win

Stand at attention
Heed my call
When I give the signal
Mince them up with a hacksaw!

Signal the firing squad
Put another round in the chamber
Fire on my command
Into the bodies you dismember


released May 15, 2017
Plagues - Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drums and Vocals



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Plagis UK

Dasimus 'Plagues' Plagarin, one half of the black metal band Burning Pantheon.

Plagis is the black metal solo project.

The second album, The Salvation Death Brings, is due out in December 2017.


Burzum, Marduk, Rotting Christ, Hypocrisy, Watain, Mayhem, Xasthur, Behemoth, Satanic Warmaster, Dark Funeral, Paradise Lost, Emperor.
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