Plagis (Demo)

by Plagis

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The self-titled demo is a compilation of three songs; Cowards of War, No Salvation and Onslaught, that were written, recorded and produced between early December and late January.

The demo was signed by Silentium in Foresta Records and is getting a physical release due to drop on CD sometime in February. The art was created by Kenstrator, who is the same guy behind the promotional art, not the cover, for Burning Pantheon's soon to be recorded Somme EP.

The three songs offer a broad stroke of what Plagis is all about; black metal riffs on Cowards of War, funeral doom depression with No Salvation and hard hitting blackened death metal with Onslaught.

The demo was recorded very roughly using a series of microphones and stitched together in a basic audio editing program on PC. Since the demo was signed to the label, I made a personal investment and purchased an audio interface and a decent XLR microphone, which all subsequent Plagis releases will use to full effect.


released January 25, 2017

Plagues - All instruments, vocals.



all rights reserved


Plagis UK

Dasimus 'Plagues' Plagarin, one half of the black metal band Burning Pantheon.

Plagis is the black metal solo project.

The second album, The Salvation Death Brings, is due out in December 2017.


Burzum, Marduk, Rotting Christ, Hypocrisy, Watain, Mayhem, Xasthur, Behemoth, Satanic Warmaster, Dark Funeral, Paradise Lost, Emperor.
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Track Name: Onslaught





Slay them!

Kill them!

All of them!



For the right to live again!
Slay them down!
As their blood draws near!
Track Name: Cowards of War
Satan, Satan... watching from your tower
Weakened fallen, broken, I see!
Broken men! Fallen! You have no power!

And they'll die, and they'll die!
And they'll all fucking die!
You cowards you hide!
You watch them all die!

Death on the fields,
You watched them die
You watched them all fucking die!

Cowards of war
Hide no more
I'll slay you all
And to me, you shall fall!
Track Name: No Salvation
Build your towers to God
Try to stand in his place
And if you had just a moment
With your nameless king

Would you ask him anything?
And would it change anything?

For some
There is nothing as the sun dies
For some
There is no salvation